The advanced woodworking training center, AWTC was conceived in 2003 in Bangalore. The AWTC was a result of a co-operation between Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST), Italian Institute of Foreign Trade (ICE) and Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Manufacturers’ Association (ACIMALL). The company’s main aim is to provide various courses on woodworking with the help of the latest woodworking tools and machines. The three organizations represent a joint venture funded by the Indian and Italian Governments. The AWTC offers 2 basic courses namely, Training on Conventional & Automatic Machines and Training on CNC machine. Below is the list of the conventional and automatic machinery at AWTC.

  • Sliding Table Panel Saw – PAOLONI -S300
  • Sliding Table Panel Saw – LAZZARI – TEMA 1800
  • Multi Spindle Boring M/c – VITAP – ALPHA 21T
  • Radial Arm Saw -MAGGI -JUNIOR 640
  • Band Saw – ACM – STAR 500
  • Spindle Moulder – SICAR – SS 1000
  • Wide Belt Sander – ACM – OBS 150
  • Edge Banding M/C – SCM – Olimpic K201
  • Pin Router – SCM – MINIMAX
  • Copy Turning Lathe – SCM – T 124
  • Surfacer/Thicknesser – VEBA – FS400
  • Hot Press – ORMAMACCHINE – NPC 4/70 DIGIT
  • Tool Grinder – GRIFO – M 10
  • Lower Blade Mitre Saw – OMGA – T 421
  • Narrow Belt Sander – F.LLI BINI – L85 2000
  • Paint Spray Booth – CORAL – ZB

The CNC router at the AWTC is one of the largest available wood routers in the country and is a state of the art wood router from Italy. The detailed specifications of the wood router are as follows.


Technical Specifications:

Table Traverse:
X     3060 mm          Y     1260 mm       Z     150 mm
Machine Programmable Speed:
X   80 m/min           Y   80 m/min        Z   25 m/min
Machine Axes Travels:
X 3528 mm              Y   1635 mm         Z 200 mm
X   3 m/sec2           Y   3.5 m/sec2      Z 3m/sec2

Maximum Rotational Speed of the Electro spindle: 24000 rpm

Boring Unit:
Rotational Speed of the vertical spindles: 6000 rpm
Rotational Speed of the Horizontal spindles: 4737 rpm

Sawing Unit:
Maximum spindle rotation for Circular saw blade: 7500 rpm
Minimum spindle rotation for Circular saw blade: 6500 rpm

In case of any inquiries please contact the following:
Advanced Woodworking Training Center
Phone: +91 (0)80 22190100/200